Spectrum Enterprises CIC is closing on 31 March 2023 because the founding Managing Director Pam Lawrence MBE is retiring. The Directors have felt from the outset that Pam IS Spectrum Enterprises and therefore when she retired the company would need to close.  So, we have spent the last 9 months working with Jane Winton and Sue Hayman to make sure that all our clients, mentors and employers have a seamless transfer over to their new business Team Sunflower. Pam and the other Directors are fully confident that with Sue and Jane’s experience of working with Spectrum Enterprises CIC that everyone will be in safe hands. Click Here here for Team Sunflower’s contact details.

“The experience of setting up and running Spectrum Enterprises has been really fulfilling. We have been able to focus on the needs of every single person we have supported and every single mentor and employer who’ve worked alongside them to develop their micro businesses or within their workplace. I am more than happy to recommend Jane and Sue to pick up the reins and carry on with the work I started” Pam Lawrence MBE.


— We Progress

We aim to help you stay calm and remain in control by progressing your business or employment ideas at a pace that you can handle. 

— We Explore

You may be one of many autistic people, growing frustrated about not using your skills and talents. Together we explore your strengths, passions and ambitions.

— We Respond

Many autistic people have creative or technical brains which are full of great ideas.  We help you to focus to make your planning more effective.

— We Help

Some autistic people feel that they don’t fit in to a traditional workplace. We help you overcome any fears of the unknown and support you to settle in.

— We Promote

Often autistic people can suffer from low self-esteem. Our mentors and job coaches can help you to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

— We Simplify

Setting up a business or starting a new job can be overwhelming. We can help by breaking down your workload into managable steps.


We help you to take more control of your future.

We can provide practical support to help you to:


Nathan’s been self-employed since 2017

With the help of Pam and Spectrum Enterprises I have explored my interest in technology.  Learning new skills and developing my confidence.  As time has gone by, I have become increasingly independent.  My mental health and self esteem have also been given a big boost. 

My clients have become more confident

I have supported a number of clients with business planning and developmental support. As well as helping them manage their stress levels. I also enjoyed seeing the business owners make progress on their businesses and improve their mental health.

Spectrum Enterprises CIC is closing on 31 March 2023.