The Artistic Talents of Sam Anthony Mudd

Sam has just been awarded Arts Council England funding to support his professional development.

Newcastle born artist Sam Mudd has just been awarded his first Arts Council grant. His work, already acclaimed in two highly-regarded solo shows, will be featured at this year’s AFN artist exhibition at the Central Library during National Autism Week (8-14 April). To see more of his unique and compelling art…
Check out:
Read: ‘You Need This’ by Sam Anthony Mudd
Visit: Sam’s next solo show (at The Holy Biscuit, 4-16 December).

Sam is the featured artist in this years’ Art and Craft Exhibition in Newcastle central library to mark National Autism Month . We are one of the partner organisations who arrange this annual exhibition and last year we had over 300 visitors. For more details or to book exhibition space call or text me on 07760420251. Thanks, Pam