About Us

Who are we?

We are a supported employment agency and are specialists in

  • Self employment for people with ASD
  • Training for neurotypicals by autistics.
  • PIP and ESA claims, specifically tailored to autistics (local tribunal personal service and nationwide email service)
  • Quality assurance – checking by autistics for NHS local authorities etc.
Where do we work?

We work across the north east

Why did we set up Spectrum?

A recent survey done by the National Autistic Society found that only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time work and overall only 32% are in some kind of paid work in the UK and this figure has not changed in the last decade.  The vast majority of autistic people lose their work, not because they cannot fulfill their role, but because they are unable to negotiate the vagaries of office culture.   77% of unemployed autistic people want to work.

There is clearly a need for an organisation that can help and support autistic individuals into self-employment (or employment) and this is where Spectrum Enterprises comes in.  We have significant experience in autism: in fact, one of our directors has an autism diagnosis.   We can meet with the person who is autistic to find out their particular skills and talents and match them up with an experienced and autism trained support worker or business coach.

Our team:

Pam Lawrence MBE: Managing Director


Background: Pam has been working with autistic people and people who have learning disabilities since 1988.  She has a network of contacts across our region in local authorities, health bodies and latterly employment services.  This enables her to bring together people who want to discuss and act upon shared concerns and potential solutions: “It’s not organisations that collaborate to improve people’s lives – it’s individuals, spokespeople and decision makers who share a desire to make good things happen – despite the barriers everyone faces ‘in the system'”

Paul Davies: Chairman


Background: Paul currently works as a freelance facilitator, coach and organisational change consultant. He also occasionally works as an associate for some organizational change consultancies. He is presently a non-executive director of a large UK charity. In this role he has been innovating ways to involve people in the running of the organisation.

He has worked across health and social care in local government, the third sector, the NHS and for the English Department of Health. He has also worked on a project basis, particularly on secondments in difficult and crisis situations. This has includes being seconded into a chief executive level post in Cornwall in 2005 to lead the change programme, following the reported abuse scandal in the county wide learning disability NHS services. Paul has worked at CEO and board director level in the NHS and the third sector. Much of this work entailed leadership of institutional closure, the development of community services and complex workforce changes issues. The English DH job (Valuing People Support Team) involved a regional and national policy and development role for people with learning disabilities, families and organisations in the north east of England. This included England- wide leadership of the development of services for people with complex and challenging needs and regional development of self-directed support and personalisation. He has a long standing interest in action inquiry based approaches to learning and development and has managed, mentored and supported the learning of multi-disciplinary teams, agencies, and professionals across the public sector.

Paul has a deep interest in collaborative ways of working and has used this interest to develop more collaborative ways of working across teams and agencies in the public sector. An example of this was the setting up and facilitation of an action inquiry group of senior managers across an NHS trust and Council to explore more collaborative ways of working on joint and separate goals. He is currently working in Scotland supporting collaborative working in local areas.

Paul has done considerable work with individuals and teams, both high performing and in more difficult, demanding situations. This has included whole organisation working,  senior teams and locally based practitioners.

Paul has designed and facilitated leadership development programmes across health and social care for practitioners, senior managers and policy makers as part of University accredited initiatives.

Paul has done postgraduate study in action research and has two Masters degrees in public service management; and, in organisational consulting and change. He has also had considerable training in facilitation and coaching approaches.

Ann Moore: Director


Background: I am a retired Mathematics Advanced Skills Teacher. My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome and is a co-director of our company. Together, we are regarded as ‘experts by experience’ of Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD. In my professional role, I delivered training on a range of areas, so I fell easily into the same role with Spectrum Enterprises. Jenna and I have presented together on ‘Autism  Awareness’, ‘Our personal experience of autism and mental health’ at the NE regional autism day 2017, and a package to GP’s, so far to considerable praise.

My other significant role is helping people on the spectrum with their PIP and ESA applications. Over the years, I have developed an in depth understanding of core autistic traits and their effects on leading a ‘normal’ everyday life. This has enabled me to build a set of answers to the questions on the assessment forms, for both male and female presentations.

Jenna Moore: Director


Background: I have Aspergers on the Autistic Spectrum and was diagnosed at seventeen. I am self-employed as an artist with Spectrums’ help. I also deliver training in autism awareness and as the only director with ASD I provide an autistic oversight on Spectrums’ decisions. I volunteered to test run the self-employment process as our first entrepreneur. Other agencies, including TEWV, have engaged me to help with training and advice.