Our Autistic Entrepreneurs and their business consultants:

Jenna Moore: Artist

jennaBio: Jenna Moore is a self-taught artist who creates stylised, impressionistic paintings of animals, landscapes and people, breaking down everything into lines and flat images. Her most recent abstract 2D representations are composed of shapes, frequently spirals, emphasised with black lines for definition. Preferring a bright, vibrant palette, while often making heavy use of texturing, Jenna gives her work a 3D effect that you can actually feel.

Website: jennamooreart.com

Melanie Cornish: Business Coach

Bio: Melanie set up her organisation. Bringing Words to Life who work with both children and adults in the Gateshead area, helping them get involved with reading and writing.

Website: bringingwords.org

Colin Potsig: Photographer

Bio: I live in Northumberland with my wife and 3 small children. I have had two recent portrait and landscape exhibitions at The Forge in Allendale. Here is a link to some of my work facebook.com/Colin.Potsig.Photography

At school, my lack of engagement with lessons stemmed from my reluctance … no, my fears and anxieties about writing things down. I withdrew from ever making a mistake, never admitting I did not understand the task I had been given and consequently I failed to complete most things on time. I left school as early as I could, without any formal qualifications, but not before I discovered my talent for photography. There is also a blog post about Colin here: http://www.autismarticulated.com/blog/2018/2/17/meet-colin-potsig

Website: uklisting.net/biz/colinpotsigphotography

Julian Germain: Business Coach

Bio: Julian sits on the editorial board of the magazine ‘Useful Photography’ and is a Trustee of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. He has exhibited his work internationally, notably at the Photographer’s Gallery, London, Parco Gallery, Tokyo, MASP, Sao Paulo, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead and at Netherlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam. He is also, as part of the No Olho da Rua collective, planning to publish and exhibit photographs made by Brazilian street children over the last 18 years. He lives and works in Northumberland, UK.

Website: juliangermain.com

Nathan Chan: Computer Repair Technician


Bio: Nathan was interested in technology from a very early age – a fascination which has allowed him to turn his passion into work. With the help of Spectrum Enterprises CIC, he has set himself up as computer repair, support and training business called Sifu Geek. The combination of this interest and my autism has meant that I am well placed to work in the IT sector. I have a very logical thought process and am able to think creatively around a problem.”

Website: sifugeek.uk

Jenny Stewart: Business Coach

Bio:  Jenny runs her own IT Consultancy business called JennySys Computing Services.  She has been in IT since the days of floppy disks and mainframes.  After a decade working for the University of Newcastle, she decided to set up her own IT business where she could provide the level of support that she felt had been sadly lacking working at the university.  In addition to her BSc in Biological Sciences, Jenny also has a level 3 in Life Coaching.

Website: jennysys.co.uk

Ruth Thompson: Willow Weaver

ruthBio: I have over the last 20 years developed my love of ‘green wood work’ into a thriving small business, Sylvan Skills. I use the traditional techniques of willow weaving to make a range of products for the home and garden including hurdles, border edging, ‘wigwam’ plant trainers, and baskets. Much of the willow work I undertake is either teaching and training others to work with natural materials, normally small groups of children, teenagers and various adult groups. I also take regular commissions making non-traditional living willow sculptures and structures such as human figures, children’s book characters or giant spheres.

Website: sylvanskills.co.uk

Michelle Dobson: Business Coach


Bio:  Michelle.

Website: michelledobsonvpa.com

Rob Taylor: Business Coach


Bio: SNCG Ecoscapes is a worker’s cooperative whose members believe that it is far better to work with nature to create beautiful and productive places. Me and 2 other members of the co-op created the company back in 2011 while volunteering at our local community garden.
Projects include gardening, landscaping, and design, but have now included woodland management as part of our portfolio. We also supply and make alternative organic fertilisers for turf, pasture and woodland.

Website: sncgecoscapes.co.uk

Jenny Thompson: Junior Administrator working for Next Steps


Bio: Jenny.

Website: nextsteps-learningforlife.com

Katie Irvine: Junior Administrator working for Next Steps


Bio: Katie.

Website: nextsteps-learningforlife.com

Sam Madden: Business Coach


Bio:  Sam’s professional career to date has focused on working and supporting individuals with physical disabilities, sensory impairment, learning needs and mental health issues. My personal life experience includes; bringing up and continually supporting children who have ASD. This personal experience enables me to deliver a rounded, person-centred approach when working for and with others. Learning is one of my hobbies and I am currently working towards diplomas in; Life Coaching, CBT, NLP, counselling and BSL (British Sign Language) levels 1 & 2.

Hope Whiteside: Domestic Services


Bio: I live in Ovingham. I studied my GCSE’s at Prudhoe Community High School then went on to Newcastle College to do photography then onto York College to do Backstage Arts (Stage Management). With both colleges, I dropped out after one year due to anxiety attacks so for a few years I haven’t done a lot but now at 21 years old, with the help from Spectrum Enterprises, I now have a business of my own, Hope’s Help at Home where I provide domestic cleaning services but also other things such as dog walking..

Website: Hope’s Help @ Home

Lynn Marsh: Business Coach


Bio:  Lynn runs Northumberland Bespoke Cleaning Services which offer a bespoke cleaning service for each individual client. You can be sure of a considered, professional standard whichever job you require.

Website: Northumberland Bespoke Cleaning Services