Safer Online – Final Part: The Conclusion

  • In summary, the key here is to ensure you’re internet safe. Focus on incorporating tighter online security measures and heightened safety precautions. Educate yourself, be vigilant and be aware.
  • Those with ASD are more susceptible to online threats than others, so it’s even more important to follow our advice for remaining safe online.
  • Cyberbullies and online scammers will unfortunately always have a place online, so it’s your job to stand up and take the necessary steps to protect yourself from attack.
  • Follow our steps so you can spot when something is not right and take action to protect yourself when you feel threatened.
  • This Internet Safety Guide has flagged the key areas you should watch out for, and how to tackle the threats faced. Enjoy your time online, but remember to be internet safe and careful at the same time!

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