Safer Online – Part 10

Sensory Overload on the Internet

For those of us who experience sensory sensitivity, electronic devices and the internet can trigger an all-round overload. Loud noises, bright backlights, unexpected music, and auto-playing videos are just a handful of the irritants that can overwhelm.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to minimize the sensory impact.

  • Adjust your screen’s brightness levels and invest in an app that blocks blue light on your device. Although it will make your screen appear with a slightly orange tint, blocking out blue light is a must for decreasing the strain that backlights put on our senses. Apps to block blue light are available on most devices, and they’ll even help you get to sleep faster and minimise the impact of light-sensitive migraines.
  • Switch video and audio autoplay off on your social media platforms.
  • Invest in a ‘quiet’ keyboard and mouse to reduce the clicking noises as you type.
  • White noise is a great tool to soothe the senses. It can also drown out irritating sounds, like the hum of your computer, or your noisy neighbours! White noise videos are available for free on YouTube, or, alternatively, you can purchase a white noise machine.

Check in again next week for the next instalment: Internet Addiction