Spotlight on Grassroots Admin

Bryn Mordey is next under the Spectrum Spotlight, to tell us all about his business, Grassroots Admin!

Bryn started his business Grassroots Admin in April 2021 with the help of Spectrum Enterprises. This is a list of services he provides and has provided to many clients since launching.

Bryn’s business has now been running since April 2021 helping other local businesses in many ways with great success.

At the same time as setting up and running his own business, Bryn also completed a Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service. Delivering high level of customer service is paramount to Bryn.

Bryn often has exciting discounted introductory offers of £2 off per hour for the first month of working together.

Some of the work Bryn has been doing is Client and Membership Records Management.

Bryn has received great feedback from a current client regarding their Membership Records.

Bryn’s forte and expertise is in Social Media. He is excellent at it and runs our (Spectrum Enterprises) social media pages as well as other local businesses social media.

Bryn’s portfolio for Social Media is extensive

Feedback has been brilliant and Bryn is really enjoying the work with his clients including Spectrum Enterprises CIC social media as well as other businesses.

Bryn’s confidence is growing in Bookkeeping and is now currently working with a couple of clients. Like his page for more info on how he can assist you and your business.

If you’re a small business and you feel Bryn could help you with all the “back office” tasks then get in touch.

Spectrum Enterprises CIC is closing on 31 March 2023.