Spotlight on Self Made Studios

This month we turn our Spotlight onto Self Made Studios of Bishop Auckland which is making the most of the talent and skills of people with autism. 

Self Made Studios is a social enterprise which provides manufacturing support to the garment and textile industries.   With strong business ethics and a commitment to provide employment and training opportunities for local people, Self Made Studios currently has 4 young people with autism working there.  

We’ll be taking a look at how Self Made Studios is putting people’s talents to best use to make some uniquely creative products.

The manufacturing process requires all sorts of different skills and Self Made Studios have found that people with autism are a valuable asset to their team because of the creativity and precision they can bring.   Hannah, pictured here, is one of the directors and is working with a small team of autistic trainees, supported by Spectrum Enterprises.

Emma, Lewis, Ben and Sam are part of the Self Made Studios team and are all supported by Spectrum Enterprises.   Emma’s artistic flair is the inspiration for fabric designs; Sam’s methodical approach makes him the expert at sewing on buttons.  So whether it’s designing, cutting, stitching or packing – each team member brings their strengths to a part of the manufacturing process.

Self Made Studios’ latest project is a collaboration with Spectrum Enterprises and is bringing together people with autism to create a new range of fabric-based homewares.  Local autistic artists were invited to contribute, and craft carpenter Will Carter (who was under our Spotlight back in August) has been prototyping a range of modern lamp bases using oak and epoxy resin.

We can’t wait to see the finished products!

Self Made Studios plan to launch their new homeware range in Autism Awareness month 2021.  Watch this space for updates on how our Spectrum trainees are getting on with the project, along with a few sneak previews!

Spectrum Enterprises CIC is closing on 31 March 2023.