Spectrum Enterprises CIC

We are a social enterprise

working in the North East of England


Enriching the Working Lives of Autistic People

A recent survey conducted by the National Autistic Society found that only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time work and overall only 32% are in some kind of paid work in the UK.

Sadly this figure has not changed in the last decade.  The majority of autistic people lose their jobs, not because they cannot fulfil their role, but because they dont thrive in an office culture.

Yet, 77% of unemployed autistic people do want to work.

There was clearly a need for an organisation that can help and support autistic individuals into self-employment or those in employment and this is where Spectrum Enterprises comes in.

We have a small team who have significant experience supporting autistic people. Starting at the top of the company, where one of our directors has an autism diagnosis.

— Our Mission

As an organisation, our mission is to support autistic people in their workplace or into self-employment,  so that they live a more enriched life.

— Our Vision

After meeting with the autistic person we seek to find out about their passions, skills and talents.  We then match them up with an experienced and autism focused business mentor or job coach so that they become increasingly confident in their own abilities.

— Our Story

Spectrum Enterprises was set up as a Community Interest Company in 2015, by Pamela Lawrence MBE, to provide assistance for people with autism across North East England.  In that time, we have successfully provided training and support helping many autistic people to become self-employed, boosting their income and self-esteem.


Pam Lawrence MBE: Managing Director

Pam Lawrence MBE

Spetrum Enterprises CIC is run by Pam Lawrence MBE, Who has worked alongside autistic people and people who have learning disabilities her whole working life.

Pam focuses on a persons strengths, special interests and ambitions, and matches them with a suitabily experienced mentor or job coach.

Those business mentors or job coaches are paid for through an Access to Work grant. Pam says “Access to work funding can fit flexibily around someones working week. The mentor or job coach provides ‘just the right level of support’ for the person to succeed.”

Paul Davies: Chairman

Paul works as a freelance facilitator, coach and organisational change consultant. As well as, working as an associate for some organizational change consultancies. He is also presently a non-executive director of a large UK charity where he has been innovating ways to involve people in the running of the organisation. In the past, he has worked across health and social care in local government, the third sector, the NHS and for the English Department of Health. Academically, Paul has completed postgraduate study in action research and has two Masters degrees in public service management; and, in organisational consulting and change. He has also had considerable training in facilitation and coaching approaches.

Malcolm Osborne: Director

Malcolm as an autistic man diagnosed at 52 years of age, with a daughter 21, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at 10 yrs of age. Professionally, he was formerly a Registered Nurse and served in the Army medical services as a Commissioned officer.

He is passionate about supporting individuals and families in seeking, entering into and keeping employment. He has a vested interest both as a parent, a Chair of a support group and as a Director of Spectrum Enterprises to campaign for, highlight benefit and promote always the qualities that Autistic people can bring to the workplace.

Spectrum Enterprises CIC is closing on 31 March 2023.